Orland Park Wedding Receptions Work Great for Chicago Couples

Congratulations to you if you are planning your wedding. This should be one of the best days of your life, and the celebration should kick off the best years of your life. Many factors go into determining the success of the day, but the venue you choose is likely the most important. Many couples before you chose Orland Park wedding receptions for their big day.

A Beautiful Backdrop

You’ll make many decisions regarding the aesthetics of your event, from what everyone wears to floral arrangements. You might not realize that you also have control over the interior and exterior aesthetics, too. A formal wedding ballroom set against the prim backdrop of a gorgeous golf course is a pristine and elegant place for any ceremony.

Classy Cuisine Available

Another advantage of getting married in a golf course clubhouse is having access to the on-site kitchen. The available staff can prepare many different courses of meals and snacks for you to plan your menu around. There are plenty of beverage options, too, both alcoholic and not.

Surprisingly Available

A golf course wedding can be a fraction of the price of a formal venue, and suites might still be available for the couple getting wed. You might not even need to be a member of the club in order to book your event!

Consider Orland Park Wedding Receptions for Your Event

If you want to find out why others were thrilled with their Orland Park wedding receptions, then visit Carriage Greens Country Club to see what they can do for your big day!