Painting Contractors in Memphis Talk About Best Color Choices for Bathrooms

Never undervalue the impact that painting your bathroom can have. The best interior designers predict that bright greens, warm neutrals, and contemporary blues will be the colors to paint bathrooms in 2022. As usual, all-white and taupe are also in style.

Experts at Caldwell Painting say that a dingy, unremarkable bathroom may be transformed into a spotless haven by choosing the correct hue. It is simple and affordable to make a room appear larger than it is if you want to open the area up using paint. Let’s find out more about the ideal bathroom color schemes according to painting contractors in Memphis.

Bright White

One of the most common paint colors for bathrooms is bright white since it opens up the area and is warm enough to create a pleasant atmosphere. White is the perfect bathroom color for light energy if you enhance sufficient lighting, not to mention how simple it is to mix with bathroom decor.

Blue Hues

Any bathroom may become a seaside retreat with a spa-like vibe using a light, breezy blue. Adding natural light will give the space a revitalized feeling of excitement. One way to liven up a bathroom is with a vibrant burst of blue. This shade of blue would also go well with the light blue or beige decor.


According to some of the best painting contractors in Memphis, the right shade of gray looks good with white and other neutral-colored furnishings. As the quality of the light rises, this paint color grows brighter.