Personal Care for Women at the Women’s Health Clinic

Some women might not feel comfortable turning to their primary physician for certain types of care, including pregnancy testing. A Women’s Health Clinic provides women with a safe and comforting place to receive care that they may not necessarily be able to receive elsewhere. There are many services offered at the clinic, including pregnancy testing and family planning. Having these services available is convenient for thousands of women who aren’t sure whether or not they’re pregnant or what they’ll do if they are pregnant.

How Does The Clinic Help Women?

Women can come into a Women’s Health Clinic to take a pregnancy test without having to spend any money. The pregnancy tests at stores can cost more than some of these women might have available to spend. The pregnancy testing isn’t just free, it’s also reliable. When women find out, they’re able to continue receiving care and help at the clinic, especially if they don’t feel comfortable going back to their primary physician to discuss their options.

What Does the Family Planning Service Involve?

A confirmed positive pregnancy test might initially put a woman in shock, even if she knew that there was a possibility of the pregnancy. While at the Women’s Center, she’ll get to talk to a family counselor about some of the decisions she may need to make in the future. The woman might want to keep the baby that she is carrying, but she may also be concerned about affording that baby or what her family members might say about it all. The counselor will talk to her about keeping the baby and the many programs that are there to make raising a child a bit more affordable.

If the woman decides she doesn’t want a baby because she isn’t ready, the counselor can offer information on abortion and adoption. Any woman should know what she can do with her body after finding out that she is pregnant, which is why the clinic for women is open to offer needed support to any of the women who could use the help when trying to figure out what they’ll do.

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