Pest Control Services in Glen Burnie: The Four Most Common Pests and How to Control Them

It is very irritating to have a home that is pest infested. When this happens, you need to Get Pest Control Services In Glen Burnie to remove the pests immediately. Below are some of the pests common in homes and how to control them.


Termites are a nuisance in many homes. This is because they eat away at structures that are made of wood, including furniture and floorboards, make mud trails all over the house and contaminate food in the kitchen. Most people make the mistake of thinking that using anti-bug spray will help get rid of termites. Well, while spraying the few termites in sight will kill them, it is important to note that they live in colonies. A single colony can have about six thousand termites and can survive for up to 15 years. Also, just like ants, termites leave a very strong chemical trail wherever they pass. This means that you will keep spraying the few you can see, but you will keep seeing a few more each time. Getting an exterminator will help destroy the nest and eliminate the problem completely.


It is quite disgusting to have mice and rats running around in the house. Rats contaminate food, eat away at anything from books to clothes and other fabrics and can cause serious infectious diseases such as the plague. The common methods that are used in dealing with rodents include:

     *     Using traps

     *    Poisoning them

     *    Removing their source of food or hiding place so that they can go away

Only an exterminator will know the safest biological and chemical weapons to deal with rodents in the home.

Bedbugs and cockroaches

Bugs can make sleeping a painful, uncomfortable affair. As soon as you start suspecting that there could be bugs in the house, you should call in the exterminator. They will use methods such as heat treatment and fumigation to eliminate the problem. Roaches can be removed using insecticides.

These are the common pests that competent exterminators deal with on a daily basis. To Get Pest Control Services In Glen Burnie, look no further than Accuttech Pest Management.