Pests are referred to as such for a reason, since they cause damage and inconvenience. They pester your family, guests, house, and health. There are many ways to try to prevent pests from entering your yard or home, but even the best efforts can be thwarted by persistent pests. If you see any of the following pests in your home, you will want to contact a company that specializes in pest control in Folsom right away.

While termites are helpful for recycling nutrients, they’re unhelpful when they’re chewing on the wood that keeps your house standing. They also don’t need sleep, so they can chew away at all hours of the day. If they chew through things under your house, they can chew their way right into your house.

Rats and mice
Rats and mice can also gnaw on the structures that make up your house, but they nest and scavenge for food and they’ll do whatever it takes. If it means leaving a trail of urine all over your kitchen floor or ripping up the insulation in your home for nesting material. When mice and rats defecate, they can leave behind bacteria that can be harmful for you, your children, or your pets.

Cockroaches carry diseases and are linked to allergies and asthma in children. When they shed their skin or defecate in your home, it’s allergenic and releases pathogens. You’ll probably need a professional to help you get rid of them.

If you encounter any of these pests in or around your home, you may want to contact a professional service. When looking for pest control in Folsom, think of Apex Pest Control to handle it. You don’t want to live with damaging and unhealthy pests, so make sure you get rid of them properly.