Pet Boarding in Mt. Vernon: A fun Vacation for Your dog

Many dog owners refrain from putting their pets into boarding facilities because they are concerned with upsetting or causing undue stress to their dog. Taking a pet on vacation or leaving them with a pet sitter can have its benefits, but boarding a dog can have many bonuses that these other options lack. Here is why you should consider Pet Boarding during your next time away from home.

A Chance to Socialize

Boarding facilities often have community play areas which are perfect for dogs to be able to meet and play with many new friends. Since many of these businesses are also doggy daycares too, they are able to meet new buddies every day.

Continuous Professional Supervision

Companies That Offer Pet Boarding In Mt. Vernon are owned and operated by animal lovers who are accustomed to working with animals. This is not always true of pet sitters, who are often a convenient neighbor, friend or family member who will stop by to feed your pet. Boarding companies are concerned with the welfare of your pet, supervise and check on all animals multiple times a day and will always call you or contact your veterinarian if something seems amiss.

Plenty of Exercise

That socializing times also means play time. In addition, many facilities also provide daily walks for active dogs as well. This is much more than a dog will get traveling and sightseeing with its owners. Especially if those sightseeing trips are not dog-friendly and they have to spend their day at the hotel.

No Tummy-Upsetting Diet Changes

When a pet is boarded owners can bring their own food along with exact instructions about how their dog is normally fed. A cautious company will follow those recommendations exactly because it is in their best interest to not have a dog in their facility with tummy troubles.

Pet Boarding in Mount Vernon never needs to be a concern. Your dog will be properly cared for and will enjoy their own little vacation. You are always welcome to check on your pet any time you want during your time away. Take out time to find out more before your next vacation.

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