Pharmaceutical packaging can be categorized into two areas; primary and secondary packaging services. Primary packaging services include the utilization of a packaging component that is in direct contact with the dosage formulation (i.e. glass vials, stoppers, plastic and aluminum covers). Secondary packaging services, on the other hand, are packaging components which are not in direct contact with the drug (i.e. carton boxes). Overall the entire process is the collection of different components, which is the most suitable for the pharmaceutical drug, in order to contain and maintain the drug’s properties to prevent contamination and leakage.

Within pharmaceutical packaging services, the integrated process is highly regulated in order for manufacturers to meet required Good Manufacturing Practices or the GMP. GMP outlines standards such as how the drugs are contained and enclosed, as well as its traceability component to track a drug’s batch, place of manufacturing, as well as distribution network. All of this is to ensure that the intended drug formulation has not changed during the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical to its consumption.

Segregated Packaging

Drugs such as antibiotics, under regulatory standards, require segregated packaging facilities to prevent cross contamination. For companies who develop these formulations and the drug itself, outsourcing its pharmaceutical packaging services becomes economical as the partnership enables the firm to bring their product to market without investing into a vertically integrated facility.

Geographic Advantage

The utilization of outsourcing the pharmaceutical packaging service also brings in a geographic advantage. Once a drug is manufactured, the formulation can be sent to various pharmaceutical packaging plants around a country, or the globe, in order to store and ship to regional locations faster. This advantage is crucial in order to meet spikes in demand.

The utilization of outsourcing of pharmaceutical packaging services is very common within the industry as it creates partnerships between research and development firms and contract manufacturers.

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