When someone experiences knee pain, it can be for any number of reasons. Often, it is caused by injuries or repetitive strain. In many cases, the sufferer has no idea why they are having knee pain. They just know that they want to get rid of it. The first thing to do is to see a physician and have the source of the pain diagnosed. Then, depending on what is causing the knee pain, there will be various treatment options offered. These include pain and anti-inflammatory medications and surgery. Another commonly-recommended option is physiotherapy.

When someone who has knee pain is referred for Physical Therapy Strongsville Oh, they will have an initial consultation with the therapist to ensure the right course of treatment. The therapist will look at the doctor’s diagnosis, and also perform their own examination of the knee. Then, they will ask questions about the history of the problem, including how it was caused if this is known by the patient. The more the therapist knows, the better able they will be to plan the right treatment to help alleviate their patient’s pain. This first appointment can include such things as:

  • Range of Motion -; The therapist will use special instruments to measure for range of motion to see how far the patient can bend or straighten their leg at the knee.
  • Strength -; The muscles around the knee will be tested to see how strong they are, and if weaknesses are causing or adding to the knee pain.
  • Swelling -; The therapist will look at and measure any swelling in the knee, which will help them to accurately plan a course of treatment.
  • Gait -; The patient will be asked to walk around so the therapist can evaluate their gait and determine if it is being affected by the knee pain.

Before having any actual Knee Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh at Pure Physio, the patient will be examined so the therapist will know where the knee pain is located. Other tests may also be done. Once this initial consultation is complete, the therapist and patient will work together on a pain treatment plan, which may include special exercises to help improve mobility.