Pickup Trucks for Off-Road Driving at a New Ford Dealer in St. Charles

Men and women who do off-road driving for work, hobbies or play need a vehicle that can withstand rugged terrain. They might consider shopping at a new Ford dealer in St. Charles for a Ranger or F-150, both of which are available with an optional off-road package.

Many individuals buy all-terrain vehicles and certain sport utility vehicle models designed especially for off-road travel. Most, however, prefer pickup trucks for additional functionality. An ATV cannot be used as the family car, for example. Hauling various types of equipment, tools, and building supplies is easier with a truck than with an SUV. Shopping at a new Ford dealer in St. Charles is the step consumers can make toward buying a dependable, durable model for off-road action.

These pickups with the optional package can even be used in very muddy areas that would leave nearly all other automobiles stuck. People sometimes want to travel along an unimproved backwoods road in this condition from heavy rainfall or melting snow. That is common in late winter and early spring in this region. This may be the best route to a favorite fishing spot or an area with scenic views unspoiled by man-made structures.

The truck will come out of the trip needing a wash, but the owner doesn’t care. Being able to get to that favorite place and back out again was all that mattered.

Consumers who want to buy a new pickup truck for off-road and regular use may check out the Hawk Ford of St. Charles inventory.