If you live in Tampa, Florida, you are more than likely aware of state mandated purchase insurance. You know you must purchase personal injury protection. An attorney employed at the law firm of Shuster & Saben, for example, understands this. He or she knows that personal injury protection or PIP is mandated under Florida law.

PIP or No-Fault
If you drive a vehicle with four or more wheels, you will have to purchase PIP. The purpose of this legislation is to make everyone responsible for his or her actions and damages. Supporters believe PIP, which sets a minimum policy, helps to curb lawsuits in the court by ensuring everyone involved in an accident turns to their own insurance agents to pay for the results of the accident.

For those who drive a car in Florida, there is no exception. This law is applicable to visitors who stay and drive for more than 90 days. It also includes business people who drive there for that same length of time. If you are not using your car or truck, even if it is sitting in the garage, you must still purchase and maintain PIP as long as it is actively registered in Florida.

Yet concerning personal injury protection an attorney knows there are certain exceptions. PIP law does not require all operators of a vehicle to have this type of insurance.

What Vehicles Do Not Require PIP
The identifying factor of what makes a vehicle exempt to PIP lies, partly, in the definition of a motor vehicle as having four wheels. As a result, some operators are not required to have personal injury protection insurance. An attorney will note that three-wheeled vehicles are not necessarily exempt, however.

Among those not covered by the PIP mandate are the following classes:

1. Motorcycles: These two-wheeled vehicles are excluded

2. Mopeds: Often excused since they are often considered a form of bicycle

3. Buses, etc: These are forms of mass transit utilized by a state or municipal group to provide a community with transportation. They must, however, carry more than 5 passengers

4. Vehicles defined as Inoperable: If you have a vehicle in your garage in Tampa, you may or may have to have PIP insurance on it. It must be found to be inoperable in order for it to be exempt. This is something you, your attorney and the state or city will need to discuss

If you do not meet the requirements listed above, chances are you will have to join the rest of the citizens of Florida and purchase personal injury protection. An attorney can best advise you on whether you require it and help you to understand the implications behind the law.