Plasma Rope – Its Features and Benefits

The use of plasma rope has increased in recent years due to the applications for which this product may be applied in various industrial settings. Although steel wire ropes are used in many of these applications, plasma ropes offer certain advantages over their steel wire counterparts.


Steel wire ropes are eight times as dense as plasma ropes. The light weight of plasma rope increases its ease-of-use, as well as its safety. Steel wire rope on the other hand can be quite heavy, and more difficult to handle.


Another major advantage that plasma ropes provide is that when they snap the risk of incurring injury is significantly lower than it is with wire steel rope. This is due to the fact that plasma does not store the energy that steel wire ropes do under a strain condition. Steel wire ropes build up a lot of energy and will subsequently whiplash upon breaking, increasing the risk of injury to others, or damage to equipment or other items within the vicinity.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

Plasma winch lines are strong and lightweight at the same time. Their strength to weight ratio is quite high compared to steel wire rope.

Abrasion Resistance

Plasma ropes offers another benefit that is very useful in construction and industrial related settings – and that is its abrasion resistance. This characteristic minimizes the need for maintenance and prolongs its useful service life.

Ease of Use

It’s significantly easier to handle and manage plasma ropes as opposed to steel wire ropes. Plasma ropes do not have the rough surface characteristics of steel winch lines.

It’s important to ensure the plasma ropes you are using is manufactured from the highest quality material. You will definitely find such characteristics from an experienced and reliable wire rope and sling company serving the industrial and construction industries.

When you use plasma rope, you want the above characteristics and benefits to the present as you use the rope for critical lifting and rigging tasks. By finding a company that adheres to the necessary safety standards and delivers products and solutions that meet all applicable safety requirements, you can have confidence in the quality of your plasma ropes.

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