Polacrilex Takes Center Stage in Commercial Smoking Cessation Therapies

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Nicotine Supplier

When it comes to producing gums and other delivery systems designed to help patients stop smoking, nicotine polacrilex USP has become the main player in the industry. It basically consists of nicotinemolecules that are bound directly to polymethacrylic acid compounds. Since this form of polymethacrylic functions as a sort of resin that helps to exchange ions between covalent bonds, nicotine polacrilex USP is relatively stable at room temperature and can be used in a wide variety of consumer-grade products.

A patient’s oral mucosa can absorb around nine-tenths of the nicontine when it comes in the form of polacrilex, which may actually be higher than what they would have received from a cigarette or even a vape pipe. This means that most people who are working to quit smoking won’t have to use nearly as much gum as they would have if they were smoking actual tobacco products.

In general, there are few side-effects from the use of polacrilex. Some people might complain that it has a bad taste or that it causes them to have an upset stomach, but these are symptoms associated with the use of conventional tobacco products as well. Once a person has finally transitioned completely away from the use of any sort of nicotine delivery system, they’ll usually find all of these symptoms have stopped. Regardless, it’s important for manufacturers to only rely on high-quality supplies of the chemical in order to avoid further issues.

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