Popular European Garden Antiques

Antiques have remained popular over the years because they feature a distinct quality and an aesthetic appeal that is quite desirable to the homeowner. Adding antiques to your garden can easily help you to enhance your garden’s appearance and level of elegance. A variety of garden antiques from different parts of the world are available to elevate your garden in a way you may have never thought possible.

Leading providers of garden products offer cavalry troughs that come from France. The providers of these troughs, which have sparked interest among enthusiasts of French gardens, are able to obtain them by traveling and locating them throughout Europe. These troughs historically were utilized to feed and water livestock. They have a rustic character and appearance that makes them attractive to use as planters, particularly for your most succulent plantings.

Oil Jars
You may also wish to consider adding terracotta oil jars to your landscape. Historically, these types of jars were used to preserve olive oil and olives. These antique Italian jars are effective at creating a focal point, showing off one of your favorite plants, punctuating paths or enhancing how your terrace looks. They can easily add a classic touch to your veranda or look beautiful when nestled among your garden’s plantings. These jars also have unique colors and designs that can quickly add grace and beauty to your garden landscape.

Pithari and Metalwork
Quality providers of garden designs also offer terracotta Pithari from Greece. The Pithari continues to be a classic of pottery design from Crete. It was used as a storage jar, particular for storing olive oil. Pithari are known for their timeless designs, which make them ideal for decorating your garden and showing off your plants. Each clay pot’s individual color, durability and mineral content make the Pithari one of the most in-demand garden antiques. A superior company that provides antiques for the garden will also offer difficult-to-locate antique building metalwork. With the help of a top-tier garden design center, you can easily find and choose antiques that best fit your existing garden decor or that will complement a brand new decor.

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