Power and Utility – Compact Excavators

Where once giants roamed the worksite, a more modest group now reigns. Instead of monolithic equipment, compact is now increasingly the norm. As space becomes tighter and maneuverability is more important, such things as the much smaller compact excavator are taking over. However, this does not mean that landscapers or contractors in Bellingham ever have to sacrifice such qualities as versatility or power.


When it comes to versatility, compact excavators are not lacking. In fact, they are some of the more multipurpose pieces of equipment available in today’s market. With a variety of attachments, they can tackle on many different jobs and compete them with alacrity and efficiency. They can pull out trees, cut stumps, move material and even dig holes if they have the rich accessories. Compact excavators can be fitted out with the following:

* Augers
* Buckets
* Compaction wheels
* Compactor plates
* Rippers

Newer designs continue to push the envelope further including the latest wheeled excavators. These models are perfect for sites requiring frequent movement such as repairing sewer drains. The mobility of this type of compact excavator allows for greater productivity and improved flexibility when it comes to job actions.

Compact Might

Yet, while smaller than the large behemoths that once ruled the construction sites, it does not mean they lack in power. Compact excavators have proven time and time again on construction and landscaping sites in Bellingham that they have what it takes to compete the job. They offer a significant amount of power and aren’t afraid to use it.

Compact excavators can accomplish a variety of tasks that are quiet impressive for their sizer. From excavating the landscape to carrying materials to drilling tree and post holes, to cutting off trees at the stump, they show they are ready to tackle many tasks previously left to specialized and much larger pieces of equipment.

Part of that power is abetted by their ability to fit in to places the larger machines cannot even approach without causing damage or creating major problems. Compact excavators can slide through narrower gaps then the goliaths they are replacing. They slide into and can turn around and even operate effectively in tight spots. Overall, these machines combine versatility with power that is magnified by their ability to go where no other larger machine can dare.

The Compact Excavator

While the large machinery has a role to play in diverse construction and related industries, increasingly smaller, more compact machines are claiming a larger piece of the action. Those who exhibit the power and versatility to take on this type of work are a special breed. Among them is the compact excavator – versatility and power in one small package.

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