Preparing For The NTSE

The NTSE or the National Talent Search Examination is an annual testing program in India that allows students with high academic and intellectual standings to compete for one of 2000 scholarships, 1550 which are unreserved. Most years there will be over 300,000 students that will choose to write the first exam and preparing for the test will be critical to doing well.

The current version of the examination is conducted for Class X students and they are awarded based on a quota for individual state and union territories. This will be determined by the student’s standing based on the initial examination. Those qualifying for the second or Stage ll exam will complete the NCERT (National Council Of Educational Research And Training) developed and regulated exam.

These exams will include the MAT or Mental Ability Testing component as well as the SAT, the Scholastic Ability Test. The scholastic component will include history, economics, chemistry, physics and biology as well as maths and geography.

Students that are pursuing courses of study in social sciences and sciences will be awarded a specific scholarship. This scholarship will continue for the students up to the doctoral level in sciences and social sciences and for professional courses such as engineering and medicine provided the student meets all requirements of the program.

What to Study?

Unlike a general knowledge type of exam, the goal of the NTSE is to test for the ability for analytical thinking based on a general knowledge framework. In other words, a student taking the test will need to have a good foundational knowledge of subject matter and then be able to apply it to unique problems to develop a solution.

There are also application types of problems on the exam. These require a complete understanding of maths and science, but also of history, civics and geography as taught through the syllabus.

Practice Makes Perfect

To prepare for the NTSE, students need to spend time reviewing and studying the course materials and ensuring they have a full foundational understanding of subject materials. This should be something that many students will start preparing for up to a year before the exam.

One of the most beneficial study options for students to become comfortable with the format of the exam is to practice online. When choosing an online site to complete this type of practice, always choose a program that offers full support through maths and sciences. It should also offer a range of different question styles and challenges to help develop analytical and problem-solving skills.

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