Preparing Your Roof For The Winter

Making sure that the roof on your home is ready to face the rigors of the upcoming winter is critical, especially if you live in an area where hard winters are expected. It is even more critical if your roof is not in tip-top shape. A minor problem can quickly be fixed by professionals who do roof repairs in Fort Washington; a minor problem can quickly become a major disaster.

Who does this work?

It may be possible for the homeowner to identify any problems with the roof on their home but hiring a company that is experienced and skilled with making roof repairs in Fort Washington is by far the best idea. These contractors know what to look for and how to fix any problems they find. Some of the tell-tale signs that roof repair is necessary are loose shingles, any sign of rapid deterioration and gutters that are full of debris or distorted and flowing away from the downpipes.

What needs to be done?

If you are aware of any leaks coming from a roof problem or a problem with a skylight or the chimney, have these taken care of right away. These problems are easier to fix long before the roof is covered with snow.

To reduce the occurrence of ice dams, clean the gutters of all debris that has accumulated during the summer. Making sure the water flows properly is extremely important to ensuring that water does not get under the shingles and freeze. While you are cleaning the gutters look for evidence of shingle granules, this is an indication of surface deterioration and is indicator that the shingles are reaching the end of their life.

Ice dams form when snow goes through melt and re-freeze cycles. As the snow melts it moves down the roof and then freezes again when it reaches the eaves. If the attic is not properly vented, heat will escape through the roof and the cycle continues. Over time there is an accumulation of ice and a dam is formed at the eaves. Make sure that the attic is well ventilated and if possible, after a heavy snow try to rake the snow off the edges of the roof.

Why does this work need to done?

Winter weather is hard on a roof; heavy accumulations of snow, ice dams and high wind are all stressors to the roof and the supporting structure. If you want to get through the winter with no trouble you will do any roof repairs in Fort Washington before the winter brings difficult to fix problems.

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