Preparing Yourself for your PET CT in Riverhead, NY

If you live in Riverhead, NY, you may have heard of a specific test called the PET CT. This scan is a great tool for many different diseases and problems, but you may want to learn more about it before you have the procedure done. You will likely have the PET CT completed as an outpatient, though if you are already hospitalized, you can still have the test completed.

Though you will receive specific instructions, there are some things you can do before the exams. First, women should tell their doctor whether they are pregnant or breastfeeding and both men and women should tell their doctor about all medications, herbal supplements and vitamins. You should also tell your doctor about medical conditions, recent illness and allergy problems you have.

Because of the materials used, anything metal should be removed before your exam. If possible, leave it at home so that you don’t forget. Other items that cannot be worn include jewelry, eyewear, hairpins, dentures, other dental work that is removable and hearing aids.

Food Preparations

Usually, patients should not eat prior to the PET CT test in Riverhead, NY as eating could cause an alteration of the tracer used. You will be provided specific instructions about when to stop eating before your scan. Likewise, drinking anything with calories or sugar should not be done at least a few hours before your scan.


Riverhead, NY patients can expect procedure times to be between one and a half to three hours. Most radiotracer materials will take one hour to travel to the appropriate area of the body. However, depending on which organs are being examined, other tracer options may be used that could take more time to move through the body.

Before being injected with the tracer, you will be lying on the exam table. Once the tracer is in your body, you will need to rest. You will usually be asked not to talk or move. In some cases, you will be asked to drink something special.

Once the tracer is in the area required, you will be moved to the PET CT scanner. Again, you will be asked not to move or talk during the testing. The CT will be completed first and then a PET scan. In some cases, another CT scan is required. Generally, the CT scan will not even take two minutes and the PET scan takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

A PET CT scan in Riverhead, NY is a simple procedure, but does require you to follow instructions. For the best options, consider North Fork Radiology. Click here to know more.

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