Prevent the spill with Sandpiper Containment Duty pumps

AODD pumps have been a crucial part of pumping industry since the last few decades and they are well known for effectively handling abrasive, corrosive, toxic fluids, making them the first choice to pump such fluids in the industry.

But one drawback of AODD pumps was that once its diaphragm got ruptured, the fluid came out of the exhaust side and spilled up near the pump area. Given in cases of hazardous/ corrosive fluids such diaphragm pump getting ruptures and fluid coming out can turn out to be very dangerous for the environment as well as the operator working nearby.

The above situation has brought an up rise in the demand for leak detection in AODD pumps in recent years. These days almost every AODD pump manufacturer offers leak detectors. These detectors detect the leakage on diaphragm rupture & shut down the pump via various mechanisms. This certainly reduces the damage but does not eliminate it.

Once such leak occurs, the liquid which has entered the chamber will be drawn out of the exhaust and the whole pump undergoes shut down avoiding further spillage. This is where Warren Rupp Inc, a group of IDEX Corporation who is in AODD pump business for last 50 plus years makes a difference. Warren Rupp under their flagship brand ‘SANDPIPER’. Especially the above-mentioned feature is developed in Sandpiper’s containment duty pumps category. These pumps are developed for such critical situations.

Our containment duty pumps prevent the leak from coming out of the pump, along with its detection. These pumps have containment chambers as an integral design of the pump & are placed next to the diaphragms. These pumps have set of 4 diaphragms & the one in contact with pumping liquid known as pumping diaphragm & other one as driver diaphragm as compare to 2 diaphragms in a standard pump.

The design of these pumps includes:

  • Containment chambers
  • Hydraulically balanced/coupled pumping diaphragm
  • Driver diaphragm assemblies

All containment chambers are designed to accommodate three (3) types of leak detectors as follows:

  • Visual Leak Detector –In this, the fluid gets mixed with working fluid which results in the change of colour & visible in the tube indicating the rupture detection.
  • Mechanical Plunger – The detector has a O-ring which will react with the working fluid on rupture of diaphragm & gets expanded due to chemical attack , which will shut down the pump.
  • Electronic Leak Detector – Sensors installed at containment chambers works on the principle of Conductance or Dielectric wherein mixing of fluids on diaphragm rupture leads to generation of small current which in turn can be coupled with potential free contact like: relay to control the on/off of the pump & it can be coupled with customer’s DCS/SKADA/PLC etc.

Containment Duty Metallic and Non Metallic pumps are ideal for highly corrosive and hazardous chemical fluid requirements. These pumps are constructed of Aluminium, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Alloy C, Polypropylene, and PVDF with TPE (thermal plastic elastomers) etc


  • Offers Leak Detection as well as Protection
  • Fluid does not come out of exhaust
  • No Maintenance required for Air-Section as liquid does not enters in to it
  • Process can be continued without stopping the pump
  • High accuracy & reliability in leak detection with no false alarms
  • No replacement of sensors after diaphragm rupture
  • Easy to maintain & requires only diaphragm replacement

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