Professional Cleaning Services Allow You to Take Pride in Your Work Space

You won’t ever have to be ashamed of your work space when you hire a professional janitorial service to keep it cleaned and maintained. A clean work environment allows employees to be proud of the company that employs them. It also addresses concerns you may have as a business owner about viral and bacterial infections that calls for antimicrobial cleaning practices. The professionals can provide you with cleaning services that address all of those issues. Of course it is always wise to use a janitorial service in Oakland that uses allergen-free cleaning products. This ensures that your customers and employees are not exposed to any residues that could otherwise cause a reaction.

Provide a Healthy and ‘Green’ Working Environment

An important aspect of business is how well you are able to make changes to help save the planet. When you choose to hire a janitorial company that uses ‘green’ cleaning services it shows that they are also conscientious about protecting the environment. They can essentially become your partner in saving the earth. This also means that you are providing a very clean and green atmosphere for your clients, customers, and employees, which has become a hot topic in business.

Green Cleaning Services Eliminate Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

A lot of cleaning chemicals are actually harsh on the environment. When you use ‘green’ cleaning services this means that the cleaning company is eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and using green cleaning products instead. Their preventative and proactive solutions make for a better cleaning experience for your business. They can even supply you with compostable trash can liners instead of plastic liners that are hard on the environment. The same goes for your paper towels. Let the experts assist you in replacing your old paper towel dispensers with state-of-the-art air dryers for your hands. Ultimately the experts can help companies that are already green, go even greener.

Ensure You Are Using a Cleaning Company with Compliant Green Cleaning Practices

You can make sure your building is LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, certified by using green cleaning services provided by the professionals. A building that is LEED certified is one that operates with environmental responsibility in mind as recognizable by the United States Green Building Council. Your commercial or office building can obtain up to 40% of the points required for LEED certification by using the products and services provided by a janitorial company that focuses on using green products and cleaning processes.

Maintenance Systems Management, Inc. offers janitorial service in Oakland for commercial businesses and offices that require immaculate attention to detail. Contact them today to learn more about how their green services can benefit you.

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