Pros and Cons of LASIK Surgery

Anyone with poor vision may have found themselves researching “LASIK surgery near me” at one point. LASIK surgery has the potential to transform the life of someone with poor vision, offering a long-term corrective solution. However, this procedure has its advantages and drawbacks.

Pro: improved vision

To those who are forced to rely on corrective lenses, LASIK surgery may mean a complete change of lifestyle. You may not have to concern yourself with the worries of contact lenses or glasses.

Con: it’s not available to everyone

You must be considered a suitable candidate in order to receive LASIK surgery. For example, if you are over a certain age or have extremely bad vision, you may not be permitted to attempt the surgery.

Some prohibitive conditions, such as being pregnant, mean you must wait for a certain period before trying LASIK eye surgery. Others mean you will never be able to use it.

Pro: a permanent effect

The changes the LASIK surgery makes to your eye are permanent. It is designed to correct the errors you currently experience in your vision, and the changes it makes to the shape of your eyes are long-lasting.

Cons: eyes can still change

Although the effects of LASIK are permanent, your eyes may change after the surgery has taken place. This is the same process of change that may require you to periodically obtain a stronger prescription. Your vision may not remain perfect long-term.

Pro: quick surgery

LASIK surgery is not a very long or complicated procedure. The surgery itself should take less than half an hour, and you can stay awake during the process. The surgeon will numb your eye to ensure you do not feel any pain.

The healing process is relatively fast. You should be ready to return to your workplace a day or two after the surgery. You will experience almost immediate vision improvement.

Con: Post-operative effects

In the days immediately following the surgery, you may experience pain and discomfort. There is some danger you might rub your eyes, causing damage to the surgical site and requiring further surgery.

You may experience some visual after-effects in the months after the surgery. This includes halos, glare, and trouble with night vision.

Pro: the freedom to be more active

Many patients might be particularly interested in LASIK surgery if they lead very active lives. Glasses or contact lenses can be extremely inconvenient when active, or when spending time out of doors. LASIK can give you more freedom to pursue these activities.

Con: increased eye sensitivity

Once you have had LASIK surgery, your eyes are more sensitive to damage. When playing a sport or performing an activity that might risk eye damage, you must protect your eyes. You are not able to play any sport for a few weeks after the surgery.

Pro: success rate

Reports have indicated that 90 percent or more of patients experienced success after the surgery was completed. Although the criteria for success may vary, in general, this means they were able to see with a 20/40 level of vision or better.

In one study, less than one percent of patients reported significant complications or difficulties following their surgeries.

Con: possible failures and complications

As with any surgery, there are risks to LASIK. This can include failure, meaning your vision is not improved. A number of patients require additional surgery a few months after the initial procedure.

In some cases, patients might develop dry eyes or blurred vision, and there is a chance the vision of the patient could be worsened by the surgery. There is a risk that blindness could occur.

Pro: reliable evaluations available

If you find an eye care specialist with a high level of experience in LASIK, and a good success rate, you can help reduce the potential risks of LASIK.

Your physician should go through the possible risks with you and determine whether you are a safe candidate for the procedure.

He or she can also provide instructions to help reduce any issues that might follow the surgery.

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