Pros and Cons of Using an Independent Trainer

Independent trainers are personal trainers who are not affiliated with one specific gym. They may train people at different gyms or locations.

Pros and cons

An independent trainer is self-employed and will go out and get their own customers. They will design and implement their own workouts and collect their fees directly from the client. For a trainer employed at a gym, the workout plans will need to be approved by either the head trainer or the gym owner. There is not much flexibility with these types of workout routines.

Independent trainers do their own scheduling so that means they can typically work with your schedule as long as it does not interfere with another client. A trainer employed at a gym can only schedule appointments during gym hours or during their regular working hours. This means training times are not as flexible as an independent trainer’s time.

If you use an independent trainer then if the trainer is ill the trainer will not be able to attend their session. If you use a trainer that is employed by the gym then typically, they will have more than one trainer on staff, and you can use a different trainer if one is sick.

An independent trainer will collect their fee directly from the customer. With a trainer employed at a gym, the fee may be included in your monthly membership fee.

If an independent trainer changes gym then chances are you can go with the trainer to the new facility. If a trainer employed by a gym leaves their employment, you will not be able to follow the trainer.

Independent trainers have the luxury of training a client outside on nice days. A trainer on staff at a gym does not have this same luxury.

Independent trainers in NYC are well worth the investment. They can keep you focused on your goals and train you at different locations.