Protect Your Home Using a Roof Contractor in Hanover, MD

Home improvement projects are the best way to increase the value of your property, but some improvements are a necessity. Roof repairs fit this category. A roof contractor in Hanover, MD may be required to repair damaged shingles, apply new sealant around vents and other roofing details or even replace the failing roof. Even the simplest of these repairs require skills that the average homeowner doesn’t possess. For instance, applying a new sealant around attic ducts and flashing must be handled properly or the sealant won’t bond properly and could result in a leak.

Your roof is a composite structure typically made from wood and asphalt. More specifically, the roof has a timber frame of joists and rafters which is covered in a layer of decking made out of plywood or OSB (oriented strand board). The decking is usually covered with roofing felt for extra protection and a final layer of shingles which is the primary protection. Roofing shingles vary in quality with an average service life of fifteen to twenty-five years. Your roofer should be able to give more details when you discuss repairs.

There are several alternatives to asphalt shingles which provide longer service lives and better warranties. These include fiber-cement tiles and zinc coated, stamped steel. Fiber-cement tiles are not a new product, but they have been re-engineered. This durable roofing solution now uses a cellulose-based fiber for strengthening the cement instead of the asbestos that was originally part of the mix. Fiber-cement roofing is weather and fire resistant and typically lasts about thirty-five years or more.

Metal roofing may actually be the best choice for most homes. These steel sheets can be bought with zinc galvanizing or a zinc-aluminum galvanized coating. The latter is useful in high salt areas to reduce corrosion. Steel roofing can emulate most other roofing styles and supports a variety of colors. It can be used as a roof replacement or the metal sheets can be installed over an existing roof. Steel roofing may be mounted directly to the decking or by the use of battens. You can learn more at website domain if you have roof problems and need a roof contractor in Hanover, MD.

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