Protect Your Rights With the Personal Injury Lawyers in Edison NJ

Filing a lawsuit for a personal injury is often needed when someone has become seriously injured and needs to seek compensation. Working with a lawyer is crucial to ensure the process proceeds as easily as possible. A personal injury occurs anytime someone is injured because of the direct actions or negligence of another person. When a person causes someone else to be injured, the victim can hold them responsible for their actions and the damages they caused. Pursuing a lawsuit is much easier with Personal Injury Lawyers Edison NJ.

Until a lawsuit is filed, the lawyer has a right to fully protect their client from the insurance company. The lawyer can stop the insurance company from interviewing the injured client. They can also prevent them from gathering medical records. Once the complaint is filed in court, the process truly begins and involves more work. It is important a victim understands the statute of limitations, which is two years for personal injury. The lawsuit cannot be filed past this time period so if a plaintiff waits too long, they could forfeit their rights to compensation.

Once a lawsuit has been filed, the discovery phase begins. The discovery phase involves passing questions and answers back in forth, through interrogatories. Depositions are sometimes held before the actual trial date. At a deposition, both sides will question the plaintiff to gather information. One can be fully prepared for deposition with the help of Personal Injury Lawyers in Edison NJ. In some cases, more than one deposition may be scheduled. Visit website for more information.

The lawsuit trial date will not be scheduled until the lawyer sets the lawsuit for trial. This is sometimes necessary even if a lawyer does not expect the case to go to trial because it places pressure on the opposing side to hopefully get them to offer a fair settlement.

If you have been seriously injured through no fault of your own, it is important to hire one of the Personal Injury Lawyers Edison NJ. Contact Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC and ask them to schedule your consultation appointment. With a consultation, you can learn more about your options for pursuing compensation.

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