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Eye exams should be carried out at least once a year so the vision of a person can be carefully checked by the Eye Doctor in Wichita KS. Knowing what to expect from these appointments will help an individual be prepared so they will not be so nervous during their appointment.

Eye Exams are Crucial For Good Eye Health

There are a few steps involved in an eye exam and each of them is important for ensuring the eyes are healthy and able to see properly. The following are the steps that will be carried out in a basic eye exam. An eye doctor may carry out further testing if they suspect there is an eye health issue that needs to be further investigated.

The first part of the eye exam appointment will involve speaking with the doctor about the patient’s health history and any vision or eye health issues they have been experiencing. It is vital a patient provides extensive information so their doctor can use this to know what areas of the eye to check.

The following steps will be taken next:

  • The Eye Doctor in Wichita KS will measure the patient’s visual acuity to determine if glasses or contact lenses will need to be worn to help the patient see more effectively. This may involve several types of testing.
  • Numbing drops will be placed in the eyes so the pupils will dilate and allow the doctor to view all of the internal structures. These drops allow the doctor to also be able to measure the pressure inside the eye to ensure the patient does not suffer from glaucoma.
  • The eye doctor will use a special light and tools to be able to view the inside structure of the eye to ensure there are no issues with blood flow or the retina.
  • Finally, the eye doctor will review their findings with the patient and discuss their treatment plan, if any issues were found.

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