Purchasing a Used Contrast Injector

Machinery for medical facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and clinics is very expensive, which is part of the reason healthcare costs are constantly rising. Purchasing pre-owned equipment, getting parts at discounted pricing, and paying less money for complex repairs and maintenance can help keep costs down, and pass savings onto patients. A used contrast injector that is guaranteed to operate within original manufacturer specifications, and comes with a limited warranty is a positive step toward that process. There is a variety of Used Contrast Injector machines from which to choose, from manufacturers such as Medrad, Assist, Mallinckrodt, and others.

Precise Bio Medical is one example of an independent contrast injector company that offers alternatives to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) regarding parts, service, repairs, maintenance, accessories, and consumables. Low overhead allows them to offer OEM parts at discounted pricing, provide accessories and consumables, such as a full line of alternative syringes, and a unique pedestal that is compatible with most makes and models of contrast injector machines. Preventative maintenance checklists, for example, are based on original specifications. The service includes replacing gaskets, bulbs, lenses, and filters at no extra charge. Service agreements are available for terms of three years to save facilities even more money.

In addition to providing used machinery, parts, and services, the company also offers two training programs for facilities and organizations that are interested in providing their own maintenance for contrast injector machinery. That can save a lot of time and money on maintenance costs, utility bills, and travel expenses for technicians. Preventative maintenance and preventative and corrective maintenance training courses are available. Tuition includes the course, hotel accommodations, two meals, and test equipment purchase options. Benefits after course completion include 24/7 technical support, pricing for future parts is at fifty percent off discounted pricing, and free loaner equipment is available if machines need to be repaired in the future. Those interested can contact the company either by telephone or via an online request for course pricing and availability. The online forms will be responded to within one business day for customer convenience. Once a price quote is given, compare it to the last invoice paid for routine maintenance. The difference will justify the expenditure for the training course.

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