Questions To Ask About Any Commercial Floor Coating

For any type of commercial building with a concrete floor, adding a commercial floor coating that seals the surface and creates an aesthetically pleasing look adds value to the building.

At a lower cost of installation, maintenance and with a longer lifecycle even in heavy traffic areas, garages or production areas, the right type of commercial floor coating is a benefit. However, choosing the wrong type or an inferior product is not going to have the same benefits.

Poor quality coatings, including those applied by some flooring companies, will simply not stand up to wear and tear, spills and even issues with heat or cold. Finding the right product and the right company to do the application of the flooring is critical.

Application Process

There are many different steps in applying commercial floor coating. The initial steps include prepping the existing concrete to remove any old flooring glue or materials, sealing up cracks and filling in holes or chips in the surface.

The surface then has to be sanded, buffed and prepared for the application of the base coat. Different types of epoxy flooring options, more specifically the high quality options, include several different application processes, ending with a final surfacing coat.

Maintenance and Warranty

It will be important to know in advance the amount of maintenance or cleaning requirements for the flooring. Additionally, verify any warranty on the product and workmanship.

Be very careful when selecting a company that doesn’t provide this information in writing on the estimate. Don’t focus on the price alone as often the lowest cost options are single coat applications without any warranty.

Finally, be sure to ask for references from the company you are considering. This will allow you to talk to other similar business owners to see how the flooring has stood up in real-world working conditions.

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