Questions To Ask About Integrated Control Systems For An Indiana Manufacturer

Converting a largely manual or semi-automated manufacturing facility to full automation provides several benefits of any production facility in Indiana. While it is an initial investment, the benefits of increased efficiency, higher quality control and less downtime or slowdowns in production can pay for the system over time.

Choosing the right integrator to design the integrated control systems is always a key element. The right service provider can offer a range of services including the actual design and specification development through to project management, software, commissioning, validation and through to system startup and training for employees.

When talking to potential providers for any type of integrated control systems, make sure to consider the following as essential questions to ask during the interview.

Industry Expertise and Experience

The best-integrated control systems are designed, managed and supported by companies that have specific industry experience. This means they have completed projects in your industry as well as across a range of industries.

With this type of focused as well as broad experience, the company has the know-how to get the job done and to work through challenges or possible issues quickly and efficiently.

Explain the Recommendations

A company that can provide information about why they are recommending specific types of software, automation control systems and even in how they are going to manage the project is a company that will provide good communication and transparency throughout the project.

Integrators that have a challenge in explaining why specific components or options are selected are typically companies with limited expertise and experience. A top company will be effective at working with your in-house team to create a customized control integration for automation that is uniquely designed for the facility. This approach maximizes the benefits of automation while offering the features and functions your team requires.

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