Questions to Ask About Room Additions

Many people may opt to add a room to their house instead of upsizing to a larger home. If you want a little extra space for a workout room or grandparent, having a room addition makes more sense than moving to a completely new place. Before you make your final decision, consider these questions.

Who Should You Hire?

You always should take your time researching possible contractors. If you are going to be adding a room to your house, you want it to be done well, in a timely manner. You don’t want to later regret adding the room. Make sure the possible contractor has the proper insurance and licensing.

How Much Will It Cost?

Being prepared for the cost can help you save up in advance to having the room added. If you are going to be making monthly payments, you will be able to work the number into your budget. Use an online tool to estimate how much the room will cost (there is usually a cost per square foot). Once you have chosen, or gotten down to a few possible contractors, ask them how much they charge for room additions similar to yours. Make sure their price is comparable and makes sense.

How Will You Be Inconvenienced?

Depending on where the room is being added, it may interfere with your daily activities, or it may not. Most professionals try to limit your inconvenience, but you may need to move out for a few days. If you are having a room addition off the side of the kitchen, consider whether you will be able to prepare meals in the kitchen. Don’t assume. Ask. If you ask, then everyone can be on the same page. This way there will not be any misunderstandings. If you will not be able to live in the house, consider planning to vacation during that time. However, if you don’t ask before, you will be very disappointed.

Ask these three questions before you sign a contract for any room additions. Additionally, ask several different contractors to get the answer that best fulfills your expectations.

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