Questions to Ask Before Your Facial Feminization Surgery

The decision to undergo facial feminization surgery might not be challenging to make. Finding the right doctor who can perform all the procedures needed might be. Here are some questions to ask the surgeon before you have the surgical procedures.

What Are Your Recommended Procedures?

The surgeon should ask you what areas of your face you want to improve. You can discuss the results and determine the steps to achieve your goals. For instance, point out areas that concern you, like prominent eyebrows or hollow cheeks. The surgeon can recommend the appropriate surgical procedures to correct the issues. Ask about the procedures they will perform during your facial feminization surgery and ask questions about the specific surgeries.

What Is Recovery Like?

Many people are more apprehensive about their recovery than surgery. You may want to ask if you’ll be in pain and if you’ll need to stay in the hospital following the procedure. Knowing this information allows you to prepare ahead of time, and you’ll feel more secure on the day of surgery. A surgeon will explain what medications they use to keep you comfortable after your facial feminization surgery. They’ll also let you know how long you may stay inpatient.

How Long Until Normal Activities Can Resume?

When you contact your surgical facility, ask how long it will be before you can resume normal daily activities. Of course, you’ll want to know how long until you can return to work. It will depend on the extent of procedures you undergo, how well your body heals, and your perception of comfort.

If you’re ready to talk with a doctor about facial feminization surgery, contact International Center for Transgender Care.