Quick Guide to UV Air Purification Services in Winter Haven, FL

You have probably heard of or have used an air purifier before. They are used to help eliminate bacteria and pollutants in the air, especially in homes. Standard air purification works to some extent but UV air purification is more effective and better for your health and home. UV air purifiers have been around for some time but they are only now becoming more popular due to their many advantages.

UV air purification offers many benefits that standard purifiers do not, which is what sets UV purification apart. To learn more about why you should choose UV air purification services in Winter Haven, FL for your home, read on.

How They Work

Inside a UV air purifier are UV lights. They shine out on any microorganisms in the air stream, which effectively neutralizes any bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants in less than a second.


There are more ways to benefit from adding a UV purifier to your home than you may think. They present many advantages for homeowners, especially those who struggle with allergies or frequently get colds. Here are a couple of the benefits that you can experience when you provide UV air purification services for your home.

Eliminate More Pollutants in Your Air: Conventional ionizing purifiers won’t affect most smaller particles and they can easily miss many different kinds of pollutants and bacteria for this reason. Where standard purifiers fall short, UV purifiers can easily pick up and eliminate them.

Less Strain on Your HVAC System: You won’t need to invest in HEPA filters for your system any more. HEPA filters are effective for stopping bacteria but they place a lot of strain on your unit. Your purifier will do that work instead so you can help your HVAC system to run better for longer. Affordable Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. can offer you the affordable services that you need.

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