Reason Why You Should Use 3D Printed Molds

In the advanced industrial revolution era, conventional manufacturing processes seem not to do it anymore. Great advances in manufacturing methods have cut down on costs and increased efficiency. 3D printing is now part of this growing industry, and many companies are on the front-line in using this technique to produce 3D printed cores and molds. These can be designed and built to customer specifications, and there are many reasons you should try.

Features of 3D Printing Cores and Molds

  • 3D printed cores and molds are highly accurate
  • The entire process Does not involve tooling producing
  • Flexible design selection before or during the printing
  • It can be used for multiple core assemblies, thus, eliminating variables
  • The cores and molds can be shipped immediately after printing
  • Reduced post-processing of casts due to minimal flash
  • Silica sand is used for printing to match traditional molding and casting needs

Reasons Why You Should Use 3D Printed Cores and Molds

  • Economical

The cores and molds are produced in one piece without expensive and complex tooling.

  • Complex Components

When using 3D printed sand molds, some unlimited undercuts and geometries can be implemented during production.

  • Versatile Casting

3D printing sand cores and molds allow for versatility in casting. These products can be used to cast metals like brass, aluminum, magnesium, steel, and iron. Other common alloys can also be cast within a short time.

  • Allows For Combinations

Traditional sand molds can be combined with 3D printed cores and molds for complex production units.

There are many benefits arising from using 3D sand printing cores and molds. The end products of this process are undeniably strong and accurate. The most advanced 3D sand printers can deliver cores and molds just as you want them, regardless of the design specifications. In addition, 3D printing cores and molds is a quick process that provides ready-to-use products within a short time.