Reasons to Hire an Air Conditioning Contractor in San Antonio TX

Weatherization involves reducing the amount of air that escapes from a home during seasonal temperature fluctuations. The process maximizes the performance of a central heating and air conditioning system. Most homeowners are aware that a central HVAC system handles the interior heating and cooling of a home. Weatherization involves analyzing areas of the home that are losing the most air and addresses those problems. M and M Weatherization is an Air Conditioning Contractor in San Antonio TX that handles this type of service.

A home’s central HVAC system is made up of more than just the furnace and air conditioning unit. The system relies on a network of ducts and vents to distribute the air throughout the home’s structure. Up to 15 percent of that heated or cooled air can escape through a home’s ducts. Weatherization will identify how much air is escaping through the ducts and seal up any areas where too much air is escaping. If the duct system is clogged and not in an ideal state, it can also prevent an adequate amount of air from reaching each room in a house. This is why some rooms may seem colder than others during the winter or hotter during the summer.

Floors, walls, and ceilings are the main culprits behind a home’s air loss. Up to 31 percent of a home’s air escapes through its floors, walls, and ceilings. Consult an Air Conditioning Contractor in San Antonio TX to see which areas of your home are losing the most heated and cooled air. The contractor will help identify which areas of the home need additional insulation and repair. Windows and doors are additional sources of air loss for a home, making up a combined total of 21 percent. Sealing areas around windows and doors where air is escaping can help a home’s HVAC system run more efficiently.

Weatherization is the process by which a home’s interior and exterior structural features are examined for air loss. A central HVAC system works to keep a home’s airflow at a comfortable temperature during the winter and summer months. The more quickly air escapes from a home, the harder that HVAC system has to work. A licensed HVAC contractor can help seal up and repair those areas that are allowing too much air to escape. For more information you can visit M&M Weatherization on Facebook.

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