Reasons to See a Podiatrist in Kenosha, WI Today

Podiatrists are commonly referred to as foot doctors, but that is only part of the picture. This type of medical professional also deals with issues related to the ankles and the lower legs. Some even take on issues that involve the knees. For anyone wondering if today is a good day to see a Podiatrist in Kenosha WI, here are some scenarios to keep in mind.

Stiffness in the Toes and Ankles

For some reason, it seems that one or both ankles have gotten stiff. The problem is most evident when walking. The individual has also noticed that wiggling the toes does not come easily any longer. While there is not much swelling and no discoloration, the problem is cause for concern. A Podiatrist in Kenosha WI can examine the feet and find out what is causing the issue. In many cases, getting rid of the stiffness will not be as difficult as the patient expected.

The Heel Hurts

The heel has become tender to the touch. While it is still possible to walk, it must be done with extreme caution. The cause of the pain could be a heel spur. If so, the medical professional will know exactly what must be done to remove the spur and make the pain go away.

The Foot Tingles or Feels Numb in Places

The podiatrist can conduct a series of tests to determine what is causing the issue. In many cases, the numbness or tingling is due to reduced circulation. People who have some form of diabetes are especially susceptible to this type of problem, although there are other health conditions that will result in a loss of sensation.

Changes in Nail Color

If the toenails become discolored, that could mean the presence of a fungus. The podiatrist will determine the exact nature of the problem and begin treatments immediately. In a matter of weeks, the nails will be back to normal.

For anyone having issues with the feet or lower legs, Visit Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers today and arrange to see a specialist. Once a diagnosis is determined, coming up with the right treatment will be a simple process.

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