Reasons To Use A Universal Twin Screw Pump For Sanitary Processes

When it comes to different options and possibilities for pumps for use in sanitary processes, system designers have a lot of different choices. For systems that require the pump to be able to operate in both directions, as well as for a pump that can double for Clean in Place operations, a Universal twin screw pump is the most recommended.

The Design of the Pump

The design of the pump makes it optimal for different types of media, including in dairy processing, where low shear is a necessity to eliminate breaking up the product or creating inconsistency. The two screws that create the movement of the media through the pump are crafted to precisely interlock with each other but make no direct contact.

The result is a pump that has an extremely smooth and consistent operation, and limited if any pulsation. This combination makes the Universal twin screw pump ideal when there is low viscosity or high or low pressure in the system.

There is the need to correctly set up the pump for the given system. This includes making sure the ideal screw pitch is selected and that the size of the pump is accurate for the system requirements.

The design of the Universal twin screw pump series also provides a pump that can run dry for extended periods of time without any damage to the pump components. Adding the ability to double as a CIP pump for the system, this is the ideal solution for many sanitary processing applications.