Reasons Why Tree Removal in Queens County NY Sometimes Becomes Necessary

Although homeowners typically love their trees and hate the idea of having any cut down, sometimes tree removal in Queens County NY becomes necessary for various reasons. The most common reasons to have trees on residential property felled include tree diseases, dying trees, and trees that have become structurally damaged or have serious decay.

Sometimes there is overcrowding when too many were planted or grew naturally in one part of the yard. This can make one or both trees grow in asymmetrical shapes that are not aesthetically pleasing. The lack of balance also makes them more vulnerable to wind damage, which is especially concerning when the tree is situated near a building.

Tree removal in Queens County NY is occasionally necessary because of construction scheduled to take place on the property. Homeowners who decide to have an addition constructed on the house, or a detached garage or garden shed constructed, may need to have one or more trees cut down.

People who buy a residential property may not be happy with the landscaping, and they may decide to call a landscaping contractor such as Arnoldos Tree Service to remove some trees. Perhaps the previous owners planted so many trees that there is now too much yard work involved for the new residents. Huge amounts of maple leaves falling in autumn and maple seeds twirling to the ground in spring are not appealing to many individuals. The same goes for copious amounts of evergreen needles and pine cones, which are even more difficult to rake up from the grass.

Tree technicians from a company like this one also can evaluate the health, shape and growth pattern of other trees on the property when they must do removal service. Often, pruning solves potential problems and can return a tree to a state of symmetry and a more stable shape. The technicians want to maximize tree health, structural integrity, and visual beauty. Effective pruning can help homeowners avoid large branches coming down during windstorms, heavy snowfall or ice storms. Strategic trimming also allows more sunlight and air to reach the leaves, which is beneficial for the trees.

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