Reasons You Need a DUI Attorney In Las Vegas NV

One of the worst things that can happen to any American motorist is getting a DUI. This is because of the inconveniences that follow the arrest and especially if one is convicted. In case you have been arrested on DUI charges, it will be important that you hire a competent DUI Attorney In Las Vegas NV to handle your case. Here are a few things you ought to know about the process.

The arrest procedure

A lot of DUI cases get thrown out of court because of mistakes that were performed during the arrest. Here are some of the things that can nullify a DUI case:

* A police officer is supposed to have a valid probable cause before they make an arrest. If they stopped you without probable cause, everything that happens after the traffic stop should be considered null. Probable cause includes being caught speeding, weaving through traffic, running lights and ignoring general traffic laws.

* After the traffic stop, the office is supposed to perform field drug tests on you. The field tests are supposed to be conducted in accordance with the law. In case the officer uses excessive force on you or tries tricks that are not part of the law, you should think about challenging the process in a court of law.

* After the tests, if the officers feel that they have enough evidence for an arrest, they are supposed to follow all the stipulations in the bill of rights. If they skip procedure, i.e. if they fail to read the Miranda rights to you, this is something you can use in a court of law.

Formulating a defense

To win a DUI, you will need a very good defense. Statistics indicates that more than 80 percent of DUI cases get convictions. The lawyer will know the right defense line to follow. This could include putting to question the character of the person that carried out the arresting procedure, questioning the field alcohol tests and anything else that could bring about a fair judgment.

When you have the assistance of a DUI Attorney In Las Vegas NV. Your chances of getting an acquittal or at least a less lenient judgment increase. Visit us website for details.

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