Rent or Charter? The Difference Lies in Luxury

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to rent or charter a boat while visiting the US Virgin Islands, you might want to consider all of the benefits that a charter has to offer. Luxury day charters St John USVI offer a range of amenities and services that may put your days of simply renting boats far into the past.

Dedicated Captain and Crew
When you rent a boat, you get just that: a boat. You’ll have to take care of bringing supplies, food, drinks, and anything else you need on board with you. You’ll have to plan out where you’re going and how to get there, and you also might need to have some experience and credentials when it comes to operating the boat itself. With luxury day charters St John USVI, however, you’ll also have a captain and crew on board to help you with all of your needs. You’ll have beverages, food, various supplies, and comfortable, high-quality accommodations to help you relax and feel truly pampered while on board the charter.

Customized Itineraries
The captain and crew, or possibly the charter company itself, will help you to come up with a customized plan prior to your trip. Depending on what you’d like to do and see, an experienced captain will be able to take you to destinations that suit your tastes during your charter time. You won’t waste a second of fumbling with maps, getting lost, or failing to find whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it’s the best spot for snorkeling or the most delicious seafood restaurant around. You can consider the captain and crew to be your personal concierge service while on-board your charter.

As you can see, choosing luxury day charters St John USVI will leave you with a completely different experience than just a regular boat rental. If you’re the type who prefers to take on your vacations independently and explore on your own, then renting a boat might be the right choice. But if you’d like to feel pampered and as if you’re in the lap of luxury as you cruise to your destinations of choice, then a luxury day charter is the way to go. Companies like Blue Mystic Charters are a great place to start your search for the best luxury day charters to suit your vacation needs. Once you take a look at your options and experience a luxury charter, you may never go back to regular boat rentals again.

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