Residential Staining Services And The Differences Between Painting And Staining

For people who are building a new fence or deck, they have to decide what should be applied to the project once it is finished. Homeowners have the option of using paint, staining, or not adding anything to the project. Before making a decision, a homeowner should know about the pros and cons of each choice. Things like maintenance, cost, and appearance have to be considered. It’s important to understand that in some cases coatings can be switched. For example, if a person chooses to use paint, they may be able to change from paint to staining in the future. Residential Staining Services can inform people of whether or not switching is possible.

The first question some might have is in regards to why painting and staining are necessary in the first place. Wood that is exposed to the elements may not last long if it is left untreated. Snow, rain, dirt, and insects can all take a toll on wood. Waterproofing wood is a must. It helps prevent mold and rot. When wood is painted or stained, it is protected from twisting and warping. Paint and stain can also protect people from getting splinters while walking barefoot on a deck. Also, paint and stain can both add to the appearance of wood. Under no circumstances should wood go untreated.

Homeowners need to understand that there is a big difference between maintenance when it comes to paint and staining. A homeowner who uses website  or another company for Residential Staining Services instead of painting will have to do a lot more maintenance. Staining has to be done once a year for it to remain effective. If maintenance is neglected, the wood could be come damaged. If paint is used, a homeowner can go four, five, or even six years without having to worry about painting again. Staining and resealing every year can cost several hundred dollars or more.

As far as initial costs, staining and painting are about the same. The average fence or deck may cost between $1,000 to $4,000 to paint or stain. Prices can vary significantly from contractor to contractor. The quality of the work will also vary. Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to staining or painting wood.

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