Reviewing the Proceedings for a Product’s Liability with an Injury Lawyer in Raynham

Under Massachusetts law, consumers gain protection against unethical manufacturers. At any time that a consumer sustains an injury due to the actions of a manufacturer, a product’s liability exists. These cases allow the victim to seek damages for their injuries. An injury lawyer in Raynham assists these victims by preparing them for the lawsuit process.

Reporting the Injuries and the Product

A report to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency is a vital step of the process. The agency has the authority to investigate all accident claims made by consumers. These investigations allow the agency to identify the origin of the error or flaw that caused the victim’s injuries. This aspect of the product could warrant a recall that could impact other consumers. If the agency finds a significant risk to consumers, the product is removed from retailers and the manufacturer is liable for any additional injuries sustained.

Gathering Viable Evidence

For the victims themselves, evidence is needed to support their claims. Medical evidence is the most viable in these cases. The victim needs to acquire all records for the medical treatment they received after the injury occur. They must provide evidence that links the product and its usage to the victim’s injuries.

If the product didn’t brandish warning labels, this information is vital as well. This may indicate that the manufacturer was aware of the risks and didn’t warn consumers. They didn’t affix labeling that specifies the circumstances in which a consumer could become injured, which could support the victim’s claim further.

If the Product Is Recalled

If the product is recalled, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency requires the manufacturer to provide a refund for the product. If a repair could remedy the condition, they are ordered to fix all existing products purchased by consumers.

Massachusetts laws allow consumers to file a lawsuit against manufacturers if they sustain an injury. These product’s liability cases allow the victim to seek damages based on the value of their medical expenses, and may also acquire punitive damages if the manufacturer was aware of extensive risks. Consumers who need to consult an injury lawyer in Raynham should contact the Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC today for more information.

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