Rodent control – keep rodents away

The best form of rodent control is not to let them into your home in the first place. Even a couple of rats or mice can reproduce very quickly; before you know it you have a major problem. Rodents are filthy, they get into food and their droppings spread disease. Although the best form of rodent control is to keep them away, if they do manage to get in the best thing to do is call for experienced pest controllers.

It is actually difficult to keep rats and mice from getting into a house, these animals can manage to squeeze through very small spaces; they can gain access through the roof, foundation or crawl space. A homeowner should keep his eye on the exterior of the home, any gaps or cracks should be closed with caulk, having a pet cat around also is a great way to control rodents.

It is important that you do not provide these creatures with a comfortable place to build their nest. The entire property, including the garage or any storage sheds should be kept neat and tidy. Rodents look for places such as piles of debris, stacks of old newspapers or piles of old cardboard to nest in. If you have shrubs surrounding your home, trim them in such a way that they do not lie on the ground, this is a perfect place for rodents to hide. Try to avoid any piles of lumber or building material, anywhere that rodents feel safe they will take up residence.

Keeping the grounds tidy in general is a must to keep rodents away, but do not forget the garbage and compost bins. These are both places where there is going to be rotting food or rotting vegetation, this appeals to rodents. Bins should be emptied frequently; the best type of rubbish bin is made from metal and has a tight fitting lid. Metal is superior as the rodent cannot gnaw through the material. Don’t think that just because a box of cereal has not been opened that it is safe from a rodent, it is not, they can gnaw through the packaging very fast. Put cereal, crackers, cookies, etc in tight fitting containers.

A great deal of care must be taken when controlling the rodent population with poison and traps. Although the target is a rat or mouse, pets or children can end up being the target. The best form of rodent control is to keep them away, when they do manage to get in, it is always best to turn the problem over to professional exterminators.

The best method of rodent control is to keep the rodents away. If they do manage to defeat your attempts to exclude them you should contact RIP Integrated Pest Management Services and have them exterminate them.

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