ROV Drone Rental For Oil And Gas Pipeline Inspection

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Business

Deep sea and ultra-deep sea drilling operations have their own set of challenges for everything from safety to system design, installation and operation. One of the ongoing challenges in this environment has always been oil and gas pipeline inspection, particularly at the deeper end of the spectrum.

The ROV Solution

To address this common issue, companies have developed ROV or Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles that can be used for these purposes. Most drilling companies will use an ROV drone rental for oil and gas pipeline inspection on these subsea jobs, which is a cost-saving to the company while also ensuring the latest in technology with each inspection.

Not all subsea installation companies offer ROV drone rental for oil and gas pipeline inspection. Some companies may offer ROVs, but only a limited number of options and only with specific types of technology and applications. Finding a company that offers the ROV solutions you need will be an important first step.

Choice of Models

Different types of ROVs are more suitable for some inspection applications. In many cases, working closely with the rental service will enable the best possible match that allows for easy operator use and the specific images and data required for the inspection.

The key factor for any drone rental for oil and gas pipeline inspection is the depth to which the ROV can operate. This should be clearly available on the website of the rental service. Other issues include the length of the tether, the possible payload for the ROV and the number of cameras to allow for greater range of visibility.

As the choice of the correct ROV can make the inspection easier and a faster process, working with the rental service to ensure the best match will always be a cost-effective solution.

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