Safeguarding Your Boat Trip: Tips From Boat Service in Buford, GA

Safeguarding Your Boat Trip: Tips From Boat Service in Buford, GA, For boat owners, it may be interesting to know that more than half of the distress and emergency calls received by the US Coast Guard are due to breakdowns, battery, and fuel problems. For boat service in Buford, GA, and to safeguard yourself from becoming a victim, here are the top tips to keep everything in control before you go out:

Safety: Before going out, make sure you have enough life jackets on board, two-way communication channels, and weather updates.

Radio: You should know your local VHF channels because it will play an instrumental role when you need help from the coast guard.

Navigation lights: Always check navigation lights to ensure that they are in proper working conditions.

Bilge Pumping: Before going into the water, it’s important to get a working bilge pump that can help get rid of excess water on the boat. If you don’t have a pump, there should be a bailer or a bucket.

Batteries: Always check the charge of your battery ensuring that it has enough power to turn on important electronics at any given moment.

Motor: Always check the motor before going out. If the boat is sitting idle for a long time, it’s best to let a professional check the oil and other components.

Fuel: As a rule of thumb, you should have one-third of fuel for getting to the spot; one-third of the fuel to get back from the trip, and one-third reserved for emergency purposes.

Clean Hull: A clean hull will make sure that you always get a smooth ride and marine pests do not damage the hull.

Check for Cracks: Always check for cracks in the hull and make sure the bung is in.

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