Safety Guidelines for Using Grain Bins in Oregon

Grain Bins in Oregon are important structures for the holding of grain until it can be transported to another location. While Grain Bins offer many benefits to farmers and people involved in the production of grain-based products, these structures can also pose hazards to people who enter them. The following guidelines can help an operator enter and work in a grain bin more safely.

Grain handling can be very dangerous if certain precautions are not taken. A person can become engulfed in the grain and suffocate in a matter of a few moments. Fires and explosions that result from dust accumulation can produce can cause serious burns or death. A person can fall from the top of a grain bin and suffer broken bones or worse. Grain handling equipment such as an auger can catch a person’s limb and result in an amputation. For these reasons, it’s preferable not enter a grain bin unless it’s necessary. When doing so, a proper plan should be filed.

A person should never enter a grain bin unless there are two people outside the grain bin in case of an emergency. It will probably take two people to lift a person out of the grain bin. A grain bin operator should always wear a safety harness and rope. All people involved in a grain bin entry should be familiar with emergency procedures used to extract a grain bin operator.

All power to augers and other grain handling equipment should be shut down before a person enters a grain bin. Unloading equipment should be locked out using appropriate procedures. Ideally, ladders should be installed into grain bins. These ladders should be designated with bright signs in orange or another bright color. It’s a good idea to stay near the wall when entering the grain bin.

Grain Bins in Oregon area are a necessary part of grain handling. Using these suggestions and OSHA regulations, a person will have an enhanced chance of not getting hurt or worse during grain bin entry. For more information on grain bin safety, a person can talk to a professional at Leon James Construction Co, Inc. This business can handle multiple types of construction including grain storage, grain conditioning systems, and steel buildings.

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