Sales Training Speakers Give us 4 Key Tips for Sales Trainers

Sales jobs have some of the highest turnover in today’s job market. Why is this? Rejection – everyone’s biggest fear, including salespeople. The job of a salesman includes rejection and failure on a normal day to day basis. Pressure is high, especially when their pay is directly affected by their sales or lack of sales. Some are willing to take the risk, some are not. How can this high turnover be prevented?

Talk about believing

Sales Training Speakers are an important tool available to business owners in today’s market. One of the best ways to start your sales training program would be through a small pep talk on believing. If possible, you can choose to share any motivating anecdote from a renowned business person’s life. An audio-visual presentation could also be an excellent tool to drill in the value of having a firm belief. Talk to the trainees about the need to believe firmly in the product and how this conviction will help them sell more. And when in doubt, hire a professional.

Developing genuine care

It is important that right from a time a young salesperson joins a company to inculcate the habit of genuinely caring about clients. The trainer needs to drill into them the need to genuinely focus on caring for the client and offering them a solution, rather than just offering a sale.

Motivate them to think big

Make sure that you make the sales team believe that they can achieve big. Your sales training talk should be such that the trainees should start believing that they are real sales superstars. The best possible way is to ask the trainees to list down about the sales figures that they want to achieve in the particular financial year.

Teach the value of listening

It is important that you teach young sales trainees about the value of listening. Remember, sales are not all about talking. It is more about listening to what the client is saying and offering him or her the right solution.

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