Save Your Sight with Laser Vision Correction in Colorado Springs, CO

Imagine living before the 20th century, when optometrists and ophthalmologists could correct your vision with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Both options meant wearing devices that needed cleaning and were vulnerable to loss or damage. Some sight disturbances limited your correction choices while the primitive materials in contact lenses could leave corneas scarred and could make wearing contact lenses impossible. Today’s eye doctors can use Laser Vision Correction to treat your vision disturbances, granting light and imagery safe passage from your eyes’ corneas to their retinas.

When you see, light passed through your eye’s cornea and lens. Clear vision means the cornea is focusing light and imagery on the retina. Common vision problems are the result of your cornea’s shape altering where light and imagery focuses in the eye.

1. Myopia: Also called nearsightedness, the cornea’s shape focuses light and imagery before reaching the retina.
2. Hyperopia: Also called farsightedness, the cornea’s shape does not focus light on or before the retina.
3. Astigmatism: If you struggle with blurred or distorted vision, your cornea focuses light in several places instead of a single point.

You may suddenly notice that you cannot read the numbers on the wall clock, across the same room, after knitting. Looking up from a good book means seeing a hazy room with blurred furnishings or you may need to hold reading materials at arm’s length to focus. Though rarely discussed, most people will notice their vision changing with age. This gradual loss of vision is called Presbyopia. Your aging eyes’ lenses are growing less flexible and losing their ability to focus when you shift from close work to seeing distant objects. It adds to existing vision challenges like. Reading glasses and multifocal contact lenses were once the only corrective options, but doctors can use special laser techniques to improve your vision.

Laser surgery alters the cornea’s shape with an ultraviolet light beam, but your doctor can choose from several types, allowing treatments on corneas too thin for older, traditional laser systems, or to correct astigmatism. Now, almost anyone can enjoy clearer vision without wearing appliances that clash with jewelry and can need expensive repairs or replacement. After an examination, your doctor at laser vision correction in Colorado Springs CO area will suggest the best corrective laser surgery for your eyes.
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