Say Good-Bye to Wrinkles with Belotero Balance

Many people think of spas as a place to simply unwind and spend a relaxing weekend. This is true, but many spas offer expanded beauty services like those found at Renew MediSpa of Southern New Hampshire, LLC. Much more than a simple weekend spa, full service spas can offer services that include body sculpting, skin care, permanent makeup, and other high-end body care options.

Diet and exercise are huge components to overall health and keeping both the body and spirit young and rejuvenated. Sometimes though, they are not enough to keep the effects of age and the environment at bay. When this is the case, specialized treatments can help reduce the ravages of time and turn back the clock to a healthier and younger appearance.

Derma fillers like Belotero Balance can help fill in wrinkles and etched-in lines that appear around the nose and mouth. Because it is a pliable gel, it can also be used with good results in the delicate areas around lips that need gentler treatments. Since it is injected, there is no need for lengthy recovery times, and patients can easily keep to their regular schedules and activities.

Other areas that may benefit from derma fillers are the chin, cheeks, hollow areas under the eyes, leftover acne scars, and other facial depressions. It is important to remember that derma fillers are not permanent plastic surgery, and results may fade after six months or a year. Since it does not require major surgery or general anesthesia, it can be completed easily in an outpatient setting.

Along with derma fillers, experienced spas offer a full menu of body sculpting and beauty options. Clients can receive skin peels, facials, lash extensions, relaxing massages, and even detailed manicures and pedicures. Reduce the need for makeup with surgical enhancements that can highlight eyes, lips, and brows. Color is permanently applied, negating the need for complicated or time-consuming morning makeup regimes.
Many spas also offer spray tan options that can give the whole body a healthy and natural glow.

Find out what a full-service spa has to offer. Experience a feeling of rejuvenation and return to youth with Belotero Balance injections and other easy spa services that erase the effects of time and harsh environments. You can follow them on Twitter.

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