Sculpting In Fairfax County, VA Is The New Non-Invasive Treatment To Remove The Fat You Hate

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight – which probably includes most people today – has discovered that there are trouble spots which don’t seem affected at all by exercise and diet. There is a new, non-invasive procedure which was designed specifically to reduce the fat in those areas. SculpSure is designed to contour the body and can produce dramatic results in only 25 minutes.

Fat – Too Much of a Good Thing

People have a love-hate relationship with fat. The body requires some fat to maintain the natural processes of the body, such as carrying vitamins to where the body needs them. Fat is an important component of many favorite foods, such as ice cream and barbecued ribs. However, fat also makes us feel unattractive and less energetic. Obesity is a major health risk.

Fat Cells Change in Size, But Don’t Disappear

A fat cell has a dirty little secret. It can swell, becoming up to six times larger. The body might have as many as 100 billion fat cells. Fat cells increase in size because they store fat that is not needed immediately, saving the fat for future use. When you exercise, you burn more fuel, taking it out of storage. As the fat is used, the cell shrinks. The cell becomes less active metabolically but doesn’t disappear.

Lack of exercise and consuming fatty foods causes fat cells to expand and the weight goes up. If you sit down on the couch with a bag of potato chips, the fat cell will store extra fuel and swell.

Excess Fat Promotes Inflammation

The immune system produces macrophages, cells that promote inflammation. These are attracted to fat tissue, viewing the extra fat as an invader that needs to be fought. Inflammation is intended to fight infection, but can also become dangerous. This is one reason that excess fat is so bad for our health.

SculpSure uses heat to shock fat cells, causing them to slowly die over a few weeks. While the fat is being heated, the applicator head chills the skin. All skin types can take advantage of this treatment as the skin is not affected.

Tamjidi Skin Institute offers Sculpting in Fairfax County VA to remove the fat from those trouble spots you hate. To learn more about Sculpting in Fairfax County VA or their other skin treatments or spa services, visit website. Follow us on Twitter.

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