Selecting the Best Trade Show Booth Designer in Orlando

Trade shows are a big business. They enable your organization to present products and services in a manner that best reflects your company’s goals, culture, and style. Competition to attract potential buyers at trade shows is intense, with booth designs becoming more creative. Perhaps it’s time to get help from a custom trade show booth design specialist. Following are ways a booth designer creates some of the best trade show presentations.

Needs Analysis
A quality designer discusses the desired outcome you want from a new booth. Whether it is a walk-in structure or small tabletop display, designers strive to understand your needs. They also review your current equipment and budget.

This involves generating ideas on how your company can stand out versus the rest. The end result is a concept that embraces your business.

Design and Fabrication
The booth designer submits a detailed proposal complete with a mock-up of your new booth. Upon acceptance of the proposal, construction begins. Once your exhibit is completed, you perform an inspection.

Logistics and Show Services
A quality booth company handles shipping, storage, construction and inspections prior to your show(s). They also perform maintenance of the exhibit when not in use so it looks new for every use.

A custom trade show booth design offers a fresh, new impression of your organization to prospective buyers, employees, and more. Rockway Exhibits + Events is your choice for custom trade show exhibits in Orlando, Florida and beyond.