Selection Tips For Finding The Best SAP Partner

Working with any third-party company to provide critical services for your business takes careful consideration. Choosing the incorrect partner results in problems throughout the relationship, and this can be even more complicated if the SAP partner is not able to integrate, customize, or develop the systems that your company requires.

In order to select the right SAP partner from the many companies marketing their services, there are a few strategic steps that any business owners can utilize to narrow down the options to the top SAP providers.

Understand Your Needs

Taking a closer look at the SAP ERP solutions, your company needs to take a bit of time, but it does allow for easy review to see if an SAP provider meets your needs. A good way to start this process to work with your team and determine a list of services that are required. These will be unique to your company and can include Human Resource management systems, financial planning, manufacturing analysis and planning, reporting and analytics requirements, and even automation of functions throughout the business.

Keep in mind SAP services can also include modules and systems that allow for full supply chain management, procurement, inventory control, customer relationship management (CRM), and small or large project management requirements.

Ability to Grow with Your Business

A responsive, flexible, and innovative SAP partner provides an ongoing benefit to any business. When choosing a company for SAP services, look for companies that are focused on not just the immediate services required, but what your company may require in the future.

Reviewing the types of services they provide is only one part of the equation. It is critical to talk to the service provider and gain insight into how they see the use of HANA Cloud, SAP Business ByDesign, or the use of SAP Analytics Cloud services factoring into your business solutions.