Selling Your Business: Hire an Advisor

If you are selling your small business for the first time, seeking out the help of an advisor may be beneficial for your preparation. As the owner, while you may know all of the processes behind running your business, you may not know what information a buyer wants to know, or what financial aspects play a part in the sale. There are many reasons why hiring an advisor is helpful to finding the right buyer for your company.

Peace of Mind

The biggest reason business owners use an advisor is peace of mind. If this is your first time selling your business, you may have difficulty managing the sale of the company while the business continues to run. Without an advisor, you aren’t able to put as much effort as you should towards keeping your business profitable and growing. Using an advisor takes that stress of your plate, so your company can continue to be appealing to potential buyers.


As a business owner, your skills as a salesperson or manager may work for your business, but real estate is a different story. An advisor has experience with the buying and selling of businesses, meaning they can tell you what a buyer looks for and what you should focus on improving before your business can be sold. An advisor’s experience also helps to find buyers who are familiar with your type of business, making sure your business and the buyer are a good match.


The only person that should know your business is selling is you and your advisor, making confidentiality essential. If your customers find out your company is transitioning or selling, they may think the business is losing profits or is no longer performing to the best capacity. If you clients think something negative is happening to your company, you may lose business and profitability, which is not good for sales. A good advisor knows how to release enough information to get buyers interested, without exposing the sale to your customers.

Why Should I Use an Advisor?

While you don’t need an advisor to sell your business, the entire process is smoother when you use someone in this profession. While the advisor gathers information from your business and offers from potential buyers, you can focus your energy on running the business day-to-day, so you can maintain profitability in the meantime. Speak with different business-selling advisors in Minnesota to determine which advisor is right for your company.

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